How to Get Whitelist Spot for Linea V2’s Private Presale

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The long-awaited debut of Velocore V2 on the Linea is near. As mentioned previously, Velocore V2 on Linea and zkSyncEra operate independently and use distinct tokens. The presale for liquidity bootstrapping in the Linea ecosystem and the launch of $LVC starts on August 21. The presale is divided into private and public rounds, and only wallets with the whitelist can participate in the private sale round. This guide introduces all ways to secure a whitelist spot for the private sale round.

1. Earn “Contributor” Role in the Discord Community

In the previous zkSyncEra, we granted the “Contributor” role in the Discord community through the Zealy quests. All contributors were able to submit their wallet addresses and obtain a whitelist spot for the private sale round. Similarly, you can obtain the contributor role through the invitation quest. Before the private sale, a form to submit wallet addresses will be provided in the contributor channel of the Discord community.

Head to Velocore’s Zealy quests:

2. Participate in Various Raffle Opportunities

For the launchpad conducted on Linea, we’re providing multiple chances to secure a whitelist spot through various raffle events. All raffles close at August 21, 01:00 UTC (10 hours before the private sale), and winners will be announced separately via a link and notice just before the private sale.

2–1. Raffle for zealy XP+200 Achievers

Even if you didn’t secure a contributor role, if you’ve reached XP+200 or more in Zealy, you’re eligible for the raffle. Submit your wallet address through the raffle link, ensuring the same address is linked to your Zealy account.

Join the raffle: [link]

2–2. Raffle for zkSync POAP Holders

For those who participated in the Velocore V1 launch event in the last zkSyncEra and acquired the prestigious POAP NFT, a raffle is in place. Submit your wallet address through the raffle link below.

Cosmic Legend NFT holders will be automatically whitelisted, while other NFT holders will be drawn. Having multiple types or grades of NFTs doesn’t provide higher chances.
POAP NFT on OKX Marketplace

Join the raffle: [link] :

2–3. Raffle for Linea Pre-mining Participants

We’re hosting a raffle for participants actively pre-mining on Linea. To ensure authenticity and weed out bots, we will consider only those with total pre-mining rewards exceeding 100 LVC (visible in the rewards tab) or a total swap volume of $100, excluding stableswap transactions.

Join the raffle: [link] :

3. Whitelist Access through Marketing Partners & KOLs

To celebrate and promote the launch of Velocore V2, various whitelist events will be conducted through various communities and KOLs. Potential community leaders and KOLs desiring to host their events are encouraged to make proposals via the partnership ticket in the Velocore Discord community channel. We’ll collaborate on the direction of the event and provide appropriate whitelist tickets.

Only the three methods mentioned in this article can grant whitelist access. If someone claims another way to participate in the private sale, kindly report them via our Discord community.

The reason we haven’t mentioned the exact number of raffle winners is to assess participation and maximize benefits to as many members as possible. Once we finalize the exact number of winners for each raffle, we’ll make another announcement.

As always, our heartfelt thanks and love go out to the Velcrew members who always support Velocore.


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