Linea Velocore V2 Post-sale Plans & Updates

3 min readAug 25, 2023

The Linea Velocore V2 presale is nearing its end. We are thrilled to announce that our private round successfully closed with a raise of over 261%. The public round has also surpassed its soft cap, ensuring a successful official launch. We’re elated to unveil the V2 we’ve prepared for a long time. If you haven’t participated in the public sale yet, do join promptly!

Participate Here:

In the event that the hard cap of Velocore’s public sale is not fully reached, any unsold tokens will be permanently burned. This is taken to maintain a lower initial market cap for LVC, ensuring a higher dominance of LVC tokens for governance rights for presale participants. We encourage users to lock up their LVC and obtain veLVC, leveraging the innovative and brand new governance system of Velocore V2 pioneering the veDEX lanscape.

Liquidity provision through the LVC/ETH pool will be completed just moments before you receive your LVC tokens, right after the presale ends.

Important Note: All LVCs that were allocated for presale but remain unsold will be permanently burned. Consequently, the initially planned LVC/ETH liquidity supply will also be proportionally burned. The listing price remains as previously communicated at 105% of the public sale price (0.000021875 ETH per token).

Details on the Official Linea Launch Process

After the presale concludes, participants can claim their non-vested LVC tokens 5 minutes after the end of the public round. This will be on August 25, 11:05 AM UTC. Upon claiming your LVC, all governance functionalities based on LVC are accessible. You can convert to veLVC, cast votes, or provide bribes to existing pools. Experience our pioneering real-time bribe-vote system soon.

Vesting will start after the presale for both rounds, with vesting amounts from the presale linearly distributed over two months. You can collect these at any time from each presale page.

End of Pre-mining and NFT Airdrop Events

With the close of the presale, the pre-mining event also ends. After the sale, the official LVC emissions will be immediately applied to each pool, with no need for liquidity providers to migrate their staked LPs.

The NFT airdrop event will also end at this time. We will need some time to calculate and review the criteria for receiving each NFT and the respective airdrop token amount.

As with similar events on V1, we’ll work diligently to announce the results as quickly as possible. Event rewards for both the pre-mining and NFT airdrop events will be available for vesting and claiming one week later, and we’ll provide a dedicated page to assist winners with their rewards. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Airdrop for zkSyncEra veNFT Holders

As previously announced, veNFT holders on zkSyncEra will receive an airdrop on the Linea ecosystem’s veLVC based on their voting power. This will also be accessible one week after the presale’s conclusion, and we will offer a separate page to check allocation and results.

Dear Velcrew members!

The Velocore team has tirelessly prepared to meet you with our V2. We remain committed to honoring our promises even after the launch and will constantly update you through various social channels. If you have any lingering questions, our Discord community is always here to assist.

Thank you, and see you soon!




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