Official Airdrop Event Results on Linea Velocore V2

3 min readAug 30, 2023

Greetings, Velocore Community!

Velocore V2 has been successfully launched on Linea. This was made possible thanks to all your love and interest, and we are extremely excited to showcase the various features we have been preparing for a long time. As previously announced, the vesting of airdrops from various events on Linea will begin this week. We will provide an update on this.

Key Highlights

  1. Airdrop Vesting
    The airdrops emerging from events held on Linea are slated to commence their vesting process this week. Starting on September 1 at 11:00 AM UTC, all airdrop quantities will undergo a 2-month vesting phase, which will begin exactly one week after the conclusion of the sale. For all participants eager to claim the airdropped LVC and veLVC tokens, they will be accessible on the Linea Velocore Airdrop Page.
  2. Token Allocation Adjustments
    As previously announced in the Medium article, to ensure the utmost fairness to presale participants, the token quantities designated for the event will undergo recalibration. This modification is based on the actual number of tokens sold during the presale in relation to the initially earmarked presale allocation. This strategic decision is taken to mitigate dilution from the altered circulating supply resulting from token burns during the presale. Our aim is to reduce potential market price shocks.
  3. Airdrop Quantity Details
    The final number of LVC tokens that will be airdropped for every event will mirror the exact volume of LVCs sold out of the total hard cap amount during the presale. To articulate this, approximately 46.5556% of the pre-disclosed airdrop quantity of LVC will be disbursed for all events (Pre-mining, PFP&NFT Airdrop, and veLVC Airdrop for zkSyncEra veNFT holders). The rest will be kept for future ecosystem events and airdrops.

⛏️Pre-mining Event

Initially, 1M LVC was allocated for the pre-mining event. Due to the pre-mining period extending beyond our expectations, an additional 0.5M LVC was allocated. Therefore, for our devoted Velcrew participating in pre-mining, though the currently displayed LVC allocation under the “Rewards” tab reflects a different value, considering the presale amount, an actual total of 698,333 LVC (46.5556%) will be distributed.

In other words, the LVC allocation currently displayed based on the pre-mined LVC token quantity will decrease, and vesting will proceed based on the reduced allocation.

🪂PFP & Ticket Airdrop Event

You can check the status of your NFT acquisition at the Linea Velocore Airdrop Page. Initially, each NFT was allocated 250,000 LVC, totaling 1M LVC. Considering the presale amounts, each NFT will now receive 116,389 LVC, totaling 465,556 LVC for distribution.

Airdrop Quantity & Eligible Recipients for Each NFT:

  1. Stakina, The Staking Seraph
    Total: 12,818 recipients (9.08 LVC each)
  2. Harmony, The Yield Harmonizer
    Total: 3,385 recipients (34.38 LVC each)
  3. Aeris, The Key of Passport
    Total: 100 recipients (1,163.89 LVC each)
  4. Zero, The Key of Passport
    Total: 100 recipients (1,163.89 LVC each)

veLVC Airdrop for zkSyncEra veNFT Holders

Users in zkSyncEra who locked their VC on Velocore V1 and held veNFTs were originally allocated 4M LVC tokens from the Linea Velocore V2’s Ecosystem Reserve. Those who locked more than 5,000 VC will be eligible for the airdrop and will receive a total of 1,862,224 veLVC, distributed in proportion to their voting power, taking into account the presale amounts.

We appreciate your continued support and participation in the Linea Velocore V2 ecosystem. We remain committed to ensuring transparency and maximizing benefits for our community.




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