Passport Renewal : Free daily loot box, NFTs for future airdrops, Snapshot for previous Scores & Tickets

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  • Passport renewal is coming first on zkSyncEra using its Paymaster
  • Important Dates to Remember!
    Snapshot for Passport Season 1 Swap/LP/Gov score — Feb 26th 0 UTC
    The first epoch, lasting 1 week, begins on Feb 29th at 0 UTC.
  • Get free boxes every day! The tier of the box you receive in this epoch is determined by your Swap/LP/Gov ranking tier from the previous epoch. The score used here is a weekly score, not historical.
  • Once the epoch ends, the box becomes available to open, and any rewards assigned to unopened boxes return to the reward pool at the start of the next epoch.
  • Reward types : USDC/ETH/VC/partner tokens and zkSync airdrop allocation NFT
  • Earn with friends! For every five bonus boxes your referred friends receive from completing weekly quests, you get one extra.

Why Renewal?

Challenges in Goal Setting and Motivation

Current passport score

Previously, the absence of clear formulas for achieving accomplishments in each sector made it difficult for users to set definitive goals. Moreover, the lack of immediate weekly rewards, with rewards instead tied to future outcomes, did little to encourage participation. We’ve revamped the system to include weekly lucky draws, offering a mix of token and ETH prizes along with NFT rewards for future airdrops.

Unifying Separated Scores

With the scoring of the 3 sectors being independent and the difficulty of achieving the same score vastly different (especially since governance and LP scores involve time, making significant gains quickly challenging), simple summation could lead to unfair advantages. With zkSyncEra’s token launch imminent, a unified system for a fair distribution of potential zkSync tokens to users became essential.

Concentrating Airdrops to Current Loyal Users

Airdrop bots are certainly one of the contributors to the ecosystem. However, we want loyal and active users to receive airdrops more intensively compared to users who farmed in the past but never returned. We aim to encourage continuous growth of $VC!

Leveraging Success from Other Chains

By benchmarking systems recently introduced and successfully implemented on other chains like Manta and Blast, we have significantly gamified the experience.

Introducing zkSync’s Native AA Feature

We aim to familiarize users with zkSync’s native AA feature, the ERC20 paymaster, to pre-experience the UX changes AA will bring and encourage its broader use.

The New System: Daily Loot Boxes and Airdrops!

Daily loot box sneak peek

Draw Free Boxes Everyday, Clear Weekly Quests for Bonus Boxes!

Users can now draw 1 loot box daily through paymaster transactions in each Swap, Liquidity, and Governance categories.

The grade of the boxes for the current Epoch is determined by the previous Epoch’s rankings, with bonus grade boxes available through completing weekly quests, including Velocore’s own and collaborative partner events.

Box Grades and Rewards

Boxes come in five tiers : Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Bonus, with rarer NFTs and more significant token rewards in higher-grade boxes. The allocation of tokens at zkSyncEra’s TGE to protocol users will be based on these NFTs, with rarer ones receiving more tokens.

Remember, not many protocols on zkSync have officially announced the redistribution of their share of the airdrop on TGE. Velocore is distributing at least 50% of the airdrop directly through this system, with the possibility of distributing more through other incentives.

Open Collected Boxes at the End of the Week

Upon the end of each Epoch on Thursday mornings, users can open their collected boxes to discover various rarities of zkSync NFTs or tokens based on the box’s grade.

Rewards for Passport Scores and Tickets/Events

WEN? (•’-’•)و✧

The snapshot for rewards under the previous system will be taken on Feb 26th(Mon), with the first week of the new epoch starting on Feb 29th(Thu) 0 UTC

Season 1 Snapshot Rewards

Esimated tier cut-off for each categories

The cutoff for each tier of season 1 rewards is as shown in the table above, determined based on the rank at the time of the snapshot.

The reason for the different cutoffs in each category is that the number of addresses that have swapped is more than ten times higher than in other categories. This was done to keep the effort required to reach higher tiers similar while making it relatively easier for direct VC lockers (Gov score) to achieve them.
* Currently, our website only allows users to check rankings up to the 1000th place, but we plan to update this so that more precise rankings beyond this can be viewed.

Rewards for Season 1 scores will be distributed over 10 weeks based on rank tiers, with additional boxes dropped each week. For example, if your Season 1 rank was Platinum in Swap and Governance and Gold in LP, you’ll receive two Platinum and one Gold box each week, totaling 30 additional boxes over 10 weeks.

Please be aware that this tier is not permanent but specifically for Season 1 rewards. Weekly tier is based only on the previous week’s activities, not the current one. Just for the first epoch, since there are no previous results, you will receive the daily box based on this tier.

Rewards for Tickets and Events

Owners of the Tickets issued by zkSyncEra and participants of past events will also receive bonus boxes!

  • LogX event winner list can be found here




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