Updates for the Velocore V2 Presale: Key Changes You’ll Love

3 min readAug 21, 2023


Dear Velocore Velcrew Members,

We’re reaching out with some important updates regarding the upcoming Velocore V2 presale on Linea. Our team has been working tirelessly in anticipation of V2, and we’ve been eager to share it with all of you. As we put the finishing touches on the presale arrangements, we’ve identified some critical adjustments that align better with our long-term vision for Velocore’s ecosystem.

These changes are sure to offer a more attractive and exciting opportunity for those participating in the presale. By adjusting the sale cap, we maintain the fairness of the overflow farming method while guaranteeing the powerful value of the whitelist spot. Although the price remains unchanged, we now offer a more appealing chance to acquire LVC in limited quantity. This design aims to sustain values for long-term participation in the protocol’s ecosystem. We believe that these steps will create a stronger foundation for both our community and Velocore in the long run.

To ensure clarity and transparency, we’ve decided to postpone the presale by 24 hours. This will give us ample time to communicate these changes and foster deeper engagement with our community.

Key Changes to Note:

  • The total sale hard cap, which was initially 900 ETH, has been revised to 540 ETH. This change aligns with the launchpad strategy from the zkSyncEra and adjusts our initial circulating market cap to $0.65M.
  • The initial sale token price will remain the same. However, the total number of tokens up for sale will be reduced. This means we’ll be burning some of the tokens initially set aside for the presale and will be offering fewer LVC tokens. For a detailed breakdown of these changes, we recommend checking our official tokenomics docs (an updated visual is on its way).

After much deliberation, we’re confident that these changes will strengthen our position as the top veDEX on Linea, paving the way for a robust and lasting ecosystem. We deeply apologize for the last-minute changes and genuinely hope for your understanding.

With the added 24-hour window, our team is doubling down on finalizing allocations for the private round WL, the pre-mining event, and the NFT Airdrop, ensuring everything runs seamlessly. We’re actively managing tons of raffle entries and marketing proposals. With the extra 24 hours, we will remain open to compelling proposals and continue to work with them all.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and steadfast support.




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