Velocore <> OKX Cryptopedia Campaign on zkSyncEra

2 min readAug 18, 2023

We have recently integrated into the OKX Wallet and we cannot wait to show traders a way to make a swap on Velocore.

To celebrate, we have put together quests through which users can claim exciting rewards!

The task is very simple and clear :

Swap at least $5 of any tokens on Velocore

We have put together a tutorial to explain how you can expand your trading horizons with us at Velocore!

Terms and Conditions

  • Only by completing the quests with the OKX Wallet App can you be eligible to participate in OKX Cryptopedia. How to access OKX Wallet App:


  1. Load up the OKX App and go to the discovery tab. Click zkSync Era in the Cryptopedia section.

2. Click ‘Explore Quests at the Velocore card.

3. Click ‘Start now’

4. Select any assets you have and make a swap at least $5 of any tokens

5. Done! It’s that easy. Return back to the Cryptopedia page to collect your reward.

For more information, please contact:

OKX Discord English:




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