Velocore V2 on Linea Launchpad Details and Tokenomics

5 min readAug 16, 2023


Return of the legendary Original Overflow Farming!

Do you remember the first launchpad of Velocore?

Velocore made its debut on zkSyncEra, establishing itself as the first veDEX for zk-EVM. In the ecosystem’s early days with many scams, Velocore stood out with its great design, easy interface. Pushing the boundaries of the fair and transparent overflow sale method, we introduced the overflow farming approach to reward our early contributors who braved the risks. Through this, we overflowed with 8500 ETH and surpassed our target raise by more than 1800% on the public presale. After that, our overflow farming style launchpad spread like wildfire, setting trends in the DeFi landscape!

Velocore V2 on Linea will employ the same overflow farming method. Once more, we have set aside an overflow farming pool for each sale round. Participants can start farming extra $LVC from this launchpad pool as soon as they join the sale and collect them after the sale concludes. The APR provides insight into the quantity of additional tokens being farmed in relation to your allocated $LVC amount.

Private Presale Round

The private presale will be accessible through a whitelist. Whitelists will be available to partners, contributors, participants in the zkSyncEra ecosystem, core members of the Velocore community, and other users through various events.

While the private round limits the amount each participant can contribute and offers a more limited allocation compared to the public sale, it provides an opportunity with an approximate discount of 11%.

Ahead of the sale, we will run several whitelist giveaways tailored for community members and active Velocore users. We’ll continue to keep our Velocore community updated and appreciate your active engagement.

If you have any questions regarding partnerships or promotions related to the whitelist, please contact us via the partnership ticket on our official Velocore Discord Community.

Private Round Date & Time

  • Platform:
  • Start of sale: August 22, 11:00 UTC
  • End of sale: August 23, 11:00 UTC
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Method: Overflow Farming
  • Hard cap: 90 ETH (4,800,000 LVC tokens | 6.3% of total initial supply)
  • Price: 0.00001875 ETH per token
  • Individual cap: 0.001 ETH — 3 ETH
  • Overflow Farming Pool: 200,000 LVC tokens
  • $LVC Claim
    — 70% of $LVC will be claimable after the public presale
    — 30% of $LVC will be linearly vested over a 2-month period, beginning at the end of the public presale

Public Presale Round

Unlike private presale, public presale does not have a maximum quota. In the event that the cap is not reached, all remaining tokens will be burned.

Public Round Date & Time

  • Platform:
  • Start of sale: August 23, 11:00 AM UTC
  • End of sale: August 25, 11:00 AM UTC
  • Duration: 48 hours
  • Method: Overflow Farming
  • Hard cap: 450 ETH (21,600,000 LVC tokens | 28.4% of total initial supply)
  • Soft cap: 150 ETH
  • Price: 0.00002083 ETH per token
  • Individual cap: More than 0.001 ETH
  • Overflow Farming Pool: 1,000,000 LVC tokens
  • $LVC Claim
    — 70% of $LVC will be claimable after the public presale
    — 30% of $LVC will be linearly vested over a 2-month period, beginning at the end of the public presale

New $LVC Tokenomics

The new tokenomics has two major changes in favor of users.

1. Elimination of the extra emission that the team used to take from every Solidly fork.

Since veDEXs, unlike others, do not take any of the trading fee from the team and 100% of it goes to the token holders, this is a device to encourage the team to constantly buy back and lock up to maintain voting power as the DEX grows.

2. Rebase has been eliminated, and the partners’ $veLVC tokens are managed through voter contracts.

There is a phenomenon on all veDEXs where partners who received veNFTs early on, including teams, continue to hold on to their stake for free through rebase rewards without investing any additional funds or even paying the promised bribes, which is undesirable and can act as a barrier to new buyers, so we’ve removed the inflation of rebase amounts.

The initial supply of $LVC is 76M.

Out of this, the initial circulating supply will be 19.32M which makes the initial market cap $0.65M, with the remaining amount locked, vested, or allocated for liquidity provision.

At launch, $LVC and $veLVC tokens allocated to the community and ecosystem will be utilized to support and reward contributors in the Velocore and Linea ecosystems. (e.g., pre-mining Event, official partnership, etc.)

For more detailed and specific information about our tokenomics, please refer to Velocore’s official docs.


100M $LVC will be distributed over the course of 68 weeks, with an exponential decay of 1%.

Weekly emissions start at 2M $LVC (2% of the initial supply).

After 68 weeks, the total supply of $LVC will be approximately 199M (199,022,822), tail emissions will be 0.05% of the total supply perpetually.

  • 100,000 LVC / week

Alternatively, users can calculate weekly emissions based on the previous week’s emissions:

Emissions(week(N)) = Emissions(week(N-1)) × 0.99

Velocore V2 is set to make its debut on Linea.

After all our thorough preparations, we’re genuinely buzzing with excitement about this next chapter!

We truly value your ongoing interest and support!


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Official Docs:

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