Velocore V2 Private Presale Announcement

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Hello Velcrew members!
We’re buzzing with excitement as the presale for our highly anticipated Velocore V2 approaches. It’s a proud moment for us to present our V2 on the foremost zkEVM chain, Linea, after dedicating considerable time and effort into its creation. To delve deeper into the array of innovations transitioning from our original Solidity-based veDEX to V2, please refer to this article. While many details about the sale have been disseminated in this announcement, we’ll once again reiterate the specifics and the post-sale official launch procedure of Velocore V2.

Important Note: Check out this article for the various ways you can get a whitelist spot! Through various events, we provide whitelist spots to participate in the private presale.

Private Presale Overview Launchpad Date & Time

  • Platform:
  • Start of sale: August 22, 11:00 UTC
  • End of sale: August 23, 11:00 UTC
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Method: Overflow Farming
  • Hard cap: 90 ETH (4,800,000 VC token | 6.3% of total initial supply)
  • Price: 0.00001875 ETH per token
  • Individual cap: 0.001 ETH — 3 ETH
  • Overflow Farming Pool: 200,000 $LVC token
  • $LVC Claim
    — 70% of $LVC will be claimable after the public presale
    — 30% of $LVC will be linearly vested over a 2-month period, beginning at the end of the public presale
  • IDO Contract: 0xc29d6792e81086788fd485b345b4B2D3fAD2897e

In order to provide a more attractive sales opportunity and for the long-term perspective of the Linea ecosystem, the total number of tokens allocated for the sale has been adjusted. Consequently, there have been changes to the hard cap, aligning it with the hard cap from our V1 launchpad on zkSync. Please refer to our official docs for the updated tokenomics.

We’ve striven to create ample opportunities for whitelist slots. Keep in mind, the maximum cap per participant is set at 3 ETH. WL eligibility will be made known by clicking the button to participate.

Important note: Velocore’s Overflow Farming Method is similar to the standard overflow method in every aspect, except that it offers token participation rewards to early participants!

After the Sale

  • Immediately after the end of the private sale, participants can claim any unused ETH from the private sale page.
  • After the public sale wraps up, LVC tokens can be claimed. If you participated in both sales, be sure to claim your tokens from each sale page.
  • Do note that 70% of all LVC allocated in this sale will be available immediately, with the remaining 30% being vested over 2 months.
  • After the public sale has ended, the official LVC pool will be launched, and emission rewards will begin.

Initial Liquidity Provision

At the same time as the presale ends, the initial liquidity supply will take place, set at 105% of the public sale. A collective sum of 9.6M LVC tokens will be supplied with 210 ETH (0.000021875 ETH per token).

If the hard cap is not reached, liquidity will be provided in proportion to the number of LVC tokens sold from the presale allocation (If the 50% of LVC tokens are sold, then 105 ETH will be supplied with 4.8M LVC).

What about the NFT Airdrop Event?

As previously announced, the NFT Airdrop event is scheduled to take place one week after the presale. We pledge our utmost diligence in ensuring V2’s seamless operation and the streamlined distribution of event rewards. Updates on NFT Airdrop will be reflected on the Airdrop page on Velocore V2, with our intention to expedite this process post-sale.

Owing to your steadfast support and enthusiasm, we’re unveiling our meticulously crafted Velocore V2. We pledge our commitment to always stand as the premier DEX, bringing unparalleled benefits and delight to our community. Our gratitude knows no bounds.


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